Smart Flying-V

Project Overview

Five work packages to address the most critical challenges identified for the Flying-V.

WP1 Morphing Flying-V, with the objective: Reach TRL 5 (technology partially demonstrated) for the Smart-X technologies implemented to the Flying-V outboard wing.

WP2 Smart X Flight Demonstrator, with the objectives: 1) Increase the TRL of the SmartX technologies – demonstrate the SmartX objectives (simultaneous performance/shape optimization, load alleviation, flutter control and automated high-lift) in flight; 2) “Miniaturization” and automated manufacturing of morphing concepts, sensing and control architectures; 3) Investigation of other actuation, sensing and control technologies as compared to the SmartX alpha wind tunnel demonstrator.

WP3 Hydrogen Composite Pressure Vessel Design and Integration with Primary Structures, with the objectives: 1) set certification requirements for the use of composite pressure vessels (CPV) for hydrogen storage in a civil aviation; 2) reduce the structural weight CPVs for hydrogen storage significantly; 3) investigate how CPVs can be integrated into the primary structure of the aircraft as load carrying element.

WP4 Preliminary Design of Crashworthy Structures, with the objective: Develop preliminary design approaches for the crashworthiness assessment of unconventional aircraft configurations and eVTOL aircraft.

WP5 Flying-V Engine Integration with Boundary Layer Ingestion, with the objective: To investigate the effect of fan distortion resulting from boundary-layer ingestion (BLI) on structural vibrations.