Photo Gallery

31/May/2024 - Jonas' MSc defense

27/May/2024 - Aslan's MSc defense

15/May/2024 - with Prof. Degenhardt Prof. Bisagni after the PhD defense of Kevin van Dooren

17/April/2024 - Tiago's MSc defense

11/April/2024 - Panos' MSc defense

19/January/2024 - Kübra's MSc defense

12/January/2024 - Ioana's MSc defense

5/December/2023 - Sinterklaas solving a Dynamic's problem

2/December/2023 - with Sinterklaas and his helpers

30/November/2023 - René's 25th anniversary dinner

20/November/2023 - Xuerui's (Sherry) debuting lecture in Dynamics

11/July/2023 - Michal's MSc defense

30/June/2023 - Visit from Prof. Baptista and Juliana Mattos

7/June/2023 - Barbecue

27/March/2023 - Sankalp's MSc defense

27/March/2023 - Akshay's MSc defense

22/November/2022 - Laura's farewell workshop at Delft Blue!

10/November/2022 - event with MSc students and Shreyas (PhD), Bierfabriek in Delft

14/October/2022 - with Prof. Degenhardt and Edgars after the PhD defense of Javier Gutierrez Alvarez

13/October/2022 - with Prof. Degenhardt, Prof. Abramovich and his wife, in Delft

5/August/2022 - Paolo's MSc defense

27/June/2022 - Sam's MSc defense

10/March/2022 - during the SASII lecture given online by Yves Govers 

10/December/2021 - Christmas event with the Dynamics TAs

28/September/2021 - Harsha's MSc defense

8/January/2021 - Recording videos for the course on Urban Air Mobility

2020 - Experiments during summer, with Zhihua and Humberto

25/November/2019 - Dinner in Delft

2015 - At Embraer, Brazil, CAD/CAE Technologies group